Using Family Tree Maker, I have created a GIANT GENEALOGY DATA BASE of many Local Families in Craven, Pamlico, Beaufort, Carteret and Jones Counties in Eastern NORTH CAROLINA. I can do ANCESTRY and DESCENDANCY Reports.

These reports contain as much complete information as possible; full names, birthdates with place, death dates with place, where buried; names of parents and siblings; marriages, children's names, dates, etc.

How did this venture get its start? This is a long, long story.

Gladys Ives Sadler Holton and I began our genealogy many years ago. We met each other in 1976. Since that time we have traveled many miles on several genealogy trips from North Miami, Florida to Canada, with many stops in North Carolina, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, DC, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. We have knocked on doors visiting many wonderful people; walked through numerous cemeteries finding interesting graves; researched in court houses and libraries. Our traveling companions on two major trips were David Walker Lupton and wife Dorothy Lupton. We called our GENEALOGY trips "LUPTONING," since that was the first family name we researched before we co-authored THE LUPTONS OF NORTH CAROLINA, Vol.1 which was published in 1982. Gladys's husband, Johnnie Holton, and mine, Albert Lee Edwards, were very patient with us, and Johnnie went on many "Luptoning" excursions. We hoped to write another Lupton volume but research has sidetracked us.

The Lupton family of North Carolina has annual reunions which started in 1957 in Whortonsville, NC with the descendants of Benjamin Franklin and Rebecca Lupton Lupton. We now invite all of the descendants of our founding parents, Christopher Lupton and Elizabeth Robinson Lupton. The family has erected a monument in the Lupton Cemetery on Cedar Island, NC next to Pilgrim's Rest Free Will Baptist Church. The front side of the monument is pictured below.

Our 50th Lupton Reunion was held on Cedar Island in 2006 as we went back close to our founding parents' homesite.

Through these many years, Gladys has worked tirelessly on her genealogy. She has become well known for her work for many families in Pamlico County. Since January 2000, when I purchased my first computer, I have been putting our research in this data base. We both started with our own families and branched out from there. I have many people to thank for allowing me to use their research and books. As of today, Dec 12, 2009 there are 191,080 individuals listed. This figure changes daily as I keep them updated using family bibles, birth announcements and obituaries from local newspapers. Many friends and cousins who know what we are doing, call to update us about their families as they get new information to share and want to help us improve this data base.

I soon felt that I had become cousin to so many wonderful people that I chose to give myself the nickname "Cousin Shirley." Some friends and acquaintances even get our names mixed up. One thing they are sure of: Shirley and Gladys are crazy about genealogy.

Another major interest is New Bern High School Class Reunions. I graduated in 1956 and our class has had a reunion every five years since we graduated. During those years, tons of photographs have been taken and we are in the process of archiving some of them. Thomas Arthur started the Class Report, that is now hosted by Faye Fulford Moore. Faye keeps us updated about class events and happenings. Many other classes from our school are following our lead. They are setting up and linking their own New Bern High School Classes via

Many other classes from our school are following our lead. They are setting up and linking their own New Bern High School Classes via

Thomas Cathey hosted a web site containing our archived pictures until his death in August. Those photos have been turned over to me and I am in the process of getting them on line as an addition to this web site. Here is the PICTURE ARCHIVE SITE. I know this is inconvenient but is the best I can do until I learn the tricks of this modern day trade. I hope to have them resized and put in better order. Please have patience with this effort.

Blogs are the going things in this computer age. This web site might seem like a Shirley's Blog. I will be tempted from time to time to tell you about my interests in life. I love my animals, now just three little girl dogs. Two, Chloe and Bitsy sleep with me. The oldest is 18 year old G.G., a rat terrior who sleeps alone in her basket nearby. When I learn more, I'll include pictures of my baby loves.

Now I'm making an effort to learn to speak and understand the Russian Language. That is difficult to say the least.


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